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Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for flat roofs and foundations

IZOSELF P3 is used for horizontal waterproofing of substructures against moisture, in multilayer waterproofing systems of substructures against hydrostatic pressure if the second layer of waterproofing is installed by welding, and in two- or multilayer flat roof systems as the bottom or intermediate layer. The membrane is installed by removing the protective waxed film while simultaneously pressing the membrane against the base. Base pretreatment with IBITOL coating is recommended (except in thermal insulation and other related bases). The joints are sealed mechanically using a rubber roller. At temperatures below +10°C, the use of hot-air accessories is required. In multi-layer waterproofing systems, IZOSELF membranes are used in combination with IZOELAST welding strips.


  • reinforcement: polyester fleece
  • flexibility at: -20° C
  • flow resistance: 80° C
  • breaking force longitudinal / transverse: >500 N / >400 N
  • elongation at break: >30 %


thickness2,7 mm


roll: 10 m2
pallet: 250 m2