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Waterproofing // Self-adhesive bituminous membranes

Single-sided self-adhesive bitumen membranes with a thickness of 3 mm are primarily used for double-layered flat roof systems. They are installed directly on the EPS thermal insulation panels.



Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for flat roofs and foundations IZOSELF P3 is used for horizontal waterproofing of substructures against moisture, in multilayer waterproofing systems of substructures against hydrostatic pressure if the second layer of waterproofing is installed by welding, and in two- or multilayer flat roof systems as the bottom or intermediate layer. The membrane is … Continued


High-tack sealing tape reinforced with polyester felt Lead-coloured (dark grey) aluminium foil on the visible side, removable protective foil on the reverse side. With excellent adhesion to all types of dry and clean building materials. It bonds without welding. Store in a dry, enclosed area. In winter, store in a warm place before installation. Areas … Continued


IZOSELF F P3 is used for the lower or intermediate layer of waterproofing of flat roofs with required increased resistance to external fire using a tape with external fire resistance as the final layer (Izoelast reflex F P5). The membrane is installed by removing the protective waxed film while simultaneously pressing the membrane against the … Continued


Self-adhesive bitumen membrane The IZOSELF P4 self-adhesive bitumen membrane is used for single-layer waterproofing against soil moisture and for double-layer flat roof systems as a bottom layer. It is protected by an easily removable silicone film on the bottom and by an easily fusible PE film on the top. It is installed by removing the … Continued


Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for flat roofs and foundations IZOSELF P3 DUO is used to make single-layered waterproofing of the base plate of structures, where the double-sided self-adhesive bitumen membrane is laid in between two layers of thermal insulation. At the beginning the first thermal insulation layer is laid, then the bitumen membrane, while removing the … Continued


Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for foundations – installation without welding IZOSELF PE PLUS is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane made of fibreglass, coated with a thin layer of high-quality elastomer-modified bitumen on both sides. The membrane is protected with a strong protective PE film on top and with a removable silicone film on the bottom. It is … Continued