Technical support

Thermal Insulation // Other EPS insulations

When you need to insulate a building and encounter a pitched flat roof, various details or even curved shapes, lettering and other unusual forms, the solution is expanded polystyrene insulation in various shapes and sizes for applications outside the standard dimensions.



Inclined boards are used for making an inclination in flat roof systems, for smooth drainage of rain water. Possible inclinations 1.5 % and 2 %. Possible compressive stress of 100 to 300 kPa. Per order!


EPS supporting profile for torch applied membranes at the transition floor-wall The EPS ANGLE BAR is used as a supporting profile to avoid strong bend of the torch applied bitumen membranes at the transition floor – wall. Characteristics from EPS, compressive stress of 100 kPa (at 10% deformation) reaction to fire E after EN 13501-1 … Continued


EPS tubular elements for thermal insulation of round concrete columns. Characteristics two halves, price per pair length of the element 1 m for the thermal insulation of round concrete columns. reaction to fire E after EN 13501-1 resp 13501-1


Insulating elements of special forms, fillers, captions, logos, decorative and scenic elements Cut EPS of specific forms is used in the construction industry to execute details on facades, thermal insulation of curved walls or profiled surfaces, for filling of non-load bearing areas (e.g. core of pillars), in making sheathing for concrete works, support for the … Continued

Decorative facade profiles

Facade profiles from Styropor allow the execution of eaves on the facade, decorative frames around the windows and details on the corners with no thermal bridges. On request it is possible to manufacture replica of facade profiles “stucco” for renovations of older buildings. Styropor decorative facade profiles are reinforced on the visible side with primer … Continued


EPS/NEO super plug for covering holes for facade fasteners Plugs for covering are used for thermal insulation of recessed facade fasteners. Characteristics after inserting the fastener the recess is covered by the EPS or NEO SUPER plug to avoid thermal bridges


Elasticated EPS strip Elasticated EPS strips STIROTRAK are used for impact sound insulation and as a separator sheet between floor and circumferential walls (narrow strips) or for impact sound insulation in floating floors (strip width of 50 to 100 cm). Stirotrak is installed according to its use by mechanical attachment, PU adhesives or by placing … Continued