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Self-adhesive bitumen membrane

The IZOSELF P4 self-adhesive bitumen membrane is used for single-layer waterproofing against soil moisture and for double-layer flat roof systems as a bottom layer. It is protected by an easily removable silicone film on the bottom and by an easily fusible PE film on the top. It is installed by removing the bottom side film while unrolling the membrane and simultaneously pressing it against the base. When installing at lower temperatures, heating the membrane with hot air (electric hair dryer) helps to achieve instant adhesion or bonding. In any case, the frontal contact must be heated further to melt the surface protection film. IZOSELF P4 is upgraded with IZOELAST welding strips. The product complies with SIST EN 13969 (Type A and Type T), SIST EN 13707 (bottom layer), and SIST 1031.


  • reinforcement: polyester felt
  • flexibility at: -20° C
  • flow resistance: 80° C
  • breaking force longitudinal / transverse: >800 N / >700 N
  • elongation at break: >40 %


debelina4,0 mm


roll: 10 m2
pallet: 200 m2