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Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for flat roofs and foundations

IZOSELF P3 DUO is used to make single-layered waterproofing of the base plate of structures, where the double-sided self-adhesive bitumen membrane is laid in between two layers of thermal insulation. At the beginning the first thermal insulation layer is laid, then the bitumen membrane, while removing the protective film from the bottom at the same time. Next is the removal of the upper protective film, and immediate installation of the second layer of thermal insulation. The final adhesiveness is activated only after a prolonged impact of higher pressures on the upper layers of the structural assembly. When immediate adhesion is required, hot air or a flame is used for greater adhesiveness, when installing the membranes The product is in accordance with SIST EN 13969 for type A. and type T and SIST 1031.


  • reinforcement: polyester felt
  • flexibility at: -20° C
  • flow resistance: 80° C
  • breaking force longitudinal / transverse: >500 N / >400 N
  • elongation at break: >30 %

Areas of application


thickness2,7 mm


roll: 10 m2
pallet: 250 m2