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Elasticated EPS strip

Elasticated EPS strips STIROTRAK are used for impact sound insulation and as a separator sheet between floor and circumferential walls (narrow strips) or for impact sound insulation in floating floors (strip width of 50 to 100 cm). Stirotrak is installed according to its use by mechanical attachment, PU adhesives or by placing freely. During installation we must follow the installation instructions and applicable professional and legal regulations.


  • standard SIST EN 13163,
  • reaction to fire E after EN 13501-1
  • impact sound insulation at the junction screed – wall (narrow membranes)
  • impact sound insulation in floating floors (membranes of width 50 to 100 cm)
  • manufactured by internal specification
  • thermal conductivity λD= 0,039 W/(m.K)


thickness5 mm - 15 mm
width6 cm - 100 cm
unit of measurem


roll: 50 m