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EPS boards for insulation of facade socles

The water resistant facade boards STIROCOKL, expanded in a mould, used for the insulation of the socle – the foundation of the facade above the level of the underground parts in ETICS facade systems in accordance with ETAG 004, for insulation of reveals, edges of reinforced concrete plates, lintels, balconies and closing of cornices. A grid on both sides gives better grip of the adhesive. Boards are installed with facade adhesives or by additional mechanical attachment. During installation we must follow the installation instructions and applicable professional and legal regulations.


  • standard SIST EN 13163,
  • reaction to fire E after EN 13501-1
  • expanded in tool (mould)
  • on both sides is a ribbed grid of 1 × 1 cm for better grip of adhesive and basic plaster
  • for thermal insulation of edges of reinforced concrete slabs, window falls and balconies
  • for insulations of facade socles over underground parts
  • thermal conductivity λD= 0,036 W/(m.K)


thickness of boards2 cm - 25 cm
size of boards100 × 50 cm
unit of measurem2


packages in PE-film: approx. 0,25 m3
pallet: approx. 5 m3