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EPS granulates for lightweight concrete and insulations fillers

The EPS granulate POLITERM BLU is used for the preparation of lightweight insulating concrete to remove load from constructions in areas with low floor height, as lightweight screed for direct laying of ceramic plates, for pouring and consolidation of vaulted ceilings, for wooden ceilings and attics, for pouring over installations in pavements, and the like. POLITERM BLU has an extremely low weight from ρ = 200 kg/m3 onwards and is a good thermal insulator λ≥0,065W / mK. It can be prepared with mixers for adhesives, at higher volumes with mixers for screed, or in the concrete plant. Installation is carried out in the same way as with conventional concrete, also with pumps under high pressure.


  • granulation: 3 mm – 6 mm
  • density of the concrete: 200 – 350 kg/m3
  • “insulation property” λ: 0,065 to 0,103 W/mK
  • steady load: over 14.000 kg/m2
  • vapour permeability µ: over 10
  • unit of measure: sack


bags: 50, 170, 420 l