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Impregnated roofing cardboard without sand

PERGAMIN is made from a cardboard reinforcement, which is completely impregnated with bitumen. It is used as underlay membrane in systems of inclined roofs, or as temporary protection against moisture. Pergamin is laid on paneled surfaces with 10 cm overlappings. The product is not weather resistant, so it is necessary to protect it as soon as possible with the primary roofing. The product is in accordance with SIST EN 13959/1 for type W1 and with SIST 1031.


  • reinforcement: cardboard
  • flexibility at: 4° C
  • flow resistance: 70° C
  • breaking force longitudinal / transverse: >240 N / >140 N
  • elongation at break: >1 %


thickness0,5 mm


roll: 20 m2
pallet: 1120 m2