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Elastomere bitumen torch applied membranes for flat roofs

The waterproofing bitumen membrane IZOELAST P4 plus is used as an intermediate layer in two- ore more layered flat roof systems which are protected by a UV-resistant membrane or as a top layer in roofing systems under heavy protection, especially there, where high loads due to movements of the construction are expected. It can be used in the most demanding systems of vertical and horizontal waterproofing of basements that are exposed to water pressure. The membrane is protected on both sides by easily fusible polymeric sheeting. It can be applied on both sides. Normally it is installed by torching the whole surface with a 10 cm overlapping. The membrane can also be installed by gluing. The product is in accordance with SIST EN 13707 for the base or intermediate layer, or a layer under heavy protection and with SIST EN 13969 for type A and type T and with SIST 1031.


  • reinforcement: polyester felt
  • flexibility at: -15° C
  • flow resistance: 100° C
  • breaking force longitudinal / transverse: >600 N / >500 N
  • elongation at break: >35 %


thickness3,6 mm


roll: 10 m2
pallet: 200 m2