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Construction wood wool boards of mineralized wood wool

The DRVOLIT wood wool board is made of mineralised wood-wool, which, together with cement binder and additives is made up into a compact unit. By the process of mineralization, the fire resistance of wood wool increases greatly. Due to its porous internal structure and the shape of the surface it is an excellent insulator for noise protection systems.


  • thermal conductivity: λ=0,074 W
  • good adhesion to concrete and the ideal base for plastering
  • difficult inflammable material: B – s1, d0 after EN 13501-1
  • resistance to aging, chemical effects, parasites and moulds
  • neutrality in combination with building materials and metals
  • good sound absorption and high water vapour permeability
  • very good mechanical properties
  • easy formatting and other processing at installation
  • high capacity of maintenance of phase displacement of penetrating heat through the surface of the building

Purpose, use and installation

  • better acoustic and thermal insulation
  • fire protection of wooden and metal support structures
  • surface for plaster in systems of ventilated facades
  • construction of one- or both-sided cladded wall partitions
  • thermal insulation in insulation systems of pitched-slope roofs (mansards) from the inner or outer side
  • acoustic cladding of walls and ceilings as visible surface of large objects
  • inner and outer cladding of constructions in the construction of wooden houses, insulator and carrier of plasters
  • installation in the method of coated concrete and lost formwork


thickness of boards1,5 cm - 10 cm
size of boards200 × 60 cm
unit of measurem2