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Mineralised wood wool construction boards with an A2 fire rating

DRVOLIT D A2 is made of mineralised wood wool bonded together with cementitious binders and additives to form a compact unit. The mineralisation process greatly increases the fire resistance of wood wool. Its porous internal structure and surface design make it an excellent insulator in noise protection systems.


  • Flame-retardant material, A2 – s1 d0 fire rating according to EN 13501-1
  • Thermal conductivity: λ=0.074 W/mK
  • Good adhesion to concrete and an ideal base for plastering
  • Resistance to wear, chemical effects, parasites and mould
  • Neutral in combination with building materials and metals
  • Good sound absorption and high vapour permeability
  • Great mechanical properties
  • Easy formatting and other installation processing
  • High phase shifting capacity for delaying the heat transfer through the fabric of the building

Purpose, use and installation

  • Base for plastering in a ventilated facade system
  • Construction of partition walls plastered on one or both sides
  • Thermal insulation in pitched roof insulation systems (mansard roofs) on the inside or outside
  • Acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings as a visible surface in large buildings
  • Internal and external structural finishes for timber houses
  • Insulator and render carrier
  • Installation in the form of sheathed concrete and permanent formwork
  • Fire protection of structures


thickness of boards1,5 cm - 5 cm
size of boards200 × 60 cm
unit of measurem2