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The IZOPROTEKT T4 bitumen waterproofing membrane is made of plastomer bitumen. It is reinforced with fiberglass. It is protected by a fusible polymer film on both sides. Installation using the welding method. The width of the overlaps should be 10 cm. It is used in double- or multi-layer flat roof systems as a bottom or intermediate layer, or as a top waterproofing layer in flat roof systems with heavy protection. It is also used for applications involving single- or double-layer vertical and horizontal waterproofing of substructures exposed to soil moisture or hydrostatic pressure. The product complies with SIST EN 13707 (bottom layer or layer underneath a heavy protection), SIST 13969 (Type A and Type T), and SIST 1031.


  • reinforcement: fiberglass mesh
  • flexibility at: -10° C
  • flow resistance: 120° C
  • breaking force longitudinal / transverse: >900 N / >900 N
  • elongation at break: >5 %


thickness4,0 mm ± 0,2


roll: 10 m2
pallet: 200 m2